Thursday, July 14, 2011

Trouble with messing up dinner while on a budget that you have to eat it anyway. Since I made an extra big batch, I'll have to eat this slop for two days.

Since my failure in the kitchen has put me in foul humour, I'm going to come straight out and say what is on my mind.

What the hell is the deal with Grover Norquist's image facelift? How is this guy a positive story for any party? If I kept files on every friend I'd had since high school, I would be sent off for psychiatric counseling. What is it with Congress Republicans? Even if he has photos of you in a drunken orgy with circus animals, popping Canadian-sourced Lipitor why the hell would you ever agree to a pledge that

a) leverages the alleviation of the debt ceiling against
b) never raising taxes again, ever

because you risk revealing that you are either

i) a stubborn, economic simpleton
ii) a freak that really likes to get naughty with a few Elephants and some dancing dogs

How do you pay down the debt when you limit your income, particularly in a time of high unemployment and against a standard of living being largely set by the economic policies of export economies? Would you, for example, advise your child that in order to pay the money they owe a storekeeper for a large amount of candy, it makes the most sense to earn the same wage over many years - even though the amount they owe for the old candy keeps going up, and the cost of new candy is growing? Clearly this line in the sand is an attempt to trap the current administration in a "read my lips. No new taxes" know...rather than focus on the possibility that the U.S. bond might take a nose dive and never recover. I think we all know what John Boehner is hiding.

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