Saturday, July 30, 2011

Indaba Sauvignon Blanc - wine on a budget

My second recommendation is a Sauvignon Blanc. The Sauvignon Blanc grape is a little bit like the rock dove of grape varieties, in that it presumably originated in Europe and then successfully stormed every possible habitat. Depending on the climate and how long the must touches the grape skins the taste ranges considerably.

Indaba Sauvignon Blanc, South Africa 2010 - ($5.99 @ Trader Joe's, $8 range elsewhere)

Light-medium bodied white. Long finish. Dry, grassy, with a touch of peach and grapefruit. A little zesty.

Buy it, drink it - great low cost wedding wine

Don't bother aging it. As a category of wine most Sauvignon Blancs do not really benefit from aging in the bottle......and the few that do, I can't afford at the moment :) It goes down easily and has a little body. It's a crowd pleaser.

Soooo good with sushi, fried chicken, cilantro, goat cheese - and could possibly swing asparagus

Sauvignon Blancs are wildly different from region to region, so they pair with many different types of food. This one does well with just about everything - poultry dishes, sushi, goat cheese anything with garlic or cilantro.....salads, salads, salads. It might pair with asparagus - I haven't had a chance to try it, but I get the sense that it would work.

It needs to stay pretty cold, as it warms up it get progressively grassy/terroir-y...which is fine, but it's a pretty big change.

Damn fine. I always a bottle on hand.

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