Friday, July 29, 2011

Major Debt milestone

My student line of credit, acquired and used since the early 00s, is back down to its 2000 level today. I have successfully put 22K towards the debt acquired during my early student years since August 2008. I'm a third of the way out of student debt, and I'm still in school. At some point I'll sit down here and explain how I've been reducing my debt.

Since the National Debt Bill Vote is making me nauseous with anxiety AND NYC is under a severe-weather/tornado warning tonight, I've decided to deal with that circus by watching Mad Men on Netflix.

This is the exact opposite attitude I take towards my own finances and politics in general. I have rationalized this night of a$$-sitting and Don Draper-watching with my own debt-reduction success.

There will plenty of pre-market freak out to watch on tv while at the gym this weekend.

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