Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Motivation is drained by bad bossmanship

Five years ago my friend was struggling to remain motivated enough to finish a course paper.

Today, I'm struggling to stay motivated enough to not blow my entire career in a single "this-is-where-you-can-stick-your-paper-draft-and-crap-attitude" phone blast to my bosses.

..so it seems particularly apt that I ran across the email I sent that friend so many years ago.

Reproduced here for your reading enjoyment

" Here's how you hold on to Motivation. I start typing random thoughts related to the topic until motivation creeps by and looks over my shoulder. That's when I grab the sack I've hidden between my legs and whip it up over my shoulder and bag motivation. Once bagged, I give it a few punches to the stomach and few kicks to the ribs. Then I lean over motivation and loudly whisper "you ain't never gonna f*(&^% with me again, are you??? Are you???? I didn't think so. I'll see you here at work tomorrow, on time. I will won't I? Did Creativity tell you what I did to his mother? It was pretty f$&&*)(@ ugly. Ask Imagination how he drives to work in the morning with no f$&%^* legs!!!!"

Then open the bag...and lo' and behold motivation shows up on time next work day.

Seriously, those first five minutes are hyper important".

I feel so much better for having pasted it here.

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