Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wedding rings: make your own

Sometimes the most economic and heartfelt gesture is DIY

I promise to follow up with more on this later - there are a few services kicking around NYC that cost a pretty penny but allow you to make your own engagement ring. It occurred to me that there had to be workshops available through the fashion schools or a lapsmithing society that would teach a person much more about jewelry design and provide them with the opportunity to make an engagement ring.

So..if you are feeling crafty or want to test an interest in jewelry-making-for-real I wanted to let you know that Fashion Institute of Technology offers continuing education and workshops on jewelry design that would teach you a few of these skills.

For considerably less money, the 92nd street Y offers many different courses in jewelry design - from metal working to stone setting to lost wax work.

For more information on jewerly design courses near you, check out the information page of the Society of American Silversmiths.

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