Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Semi-precious engagement rings on Etsy

I had intended to post this note on Thursday, but I'm so excited about these artisan rings that I decided to write about them today.

I love engagement rings featuring semi-precious stones. With near limitless colours, cuts and size semi-precious stones open up so many more style possibilities than diamonds. When I was a kid, semi-precious stones were always found in these high, pronged settings, decorated by diamond chips that mimicked precious stones the way a 12 year old might wear her older sister's make up - "You look cheap. Be yourself".

That is, perhaps, why I love artisanal rings featuring semi-precious stones. The rings I most admire seem to follow the vibe of the stone, rather than trying to dress it up like a diamond. I really dig the current trend of putting large semi-precious stones in a bezel setting. To me, the setting lends a pure feeling to the ring - like it might have been excavated out of some long forgotten house foundation, and you are the first person to see it in over a thousand years. Specifically, the rings below remind me of Roman era jewelry and many endless and happy hours I've spent combing through museum displays.

I have not purchased any items from these vendors. I just love the spirit and design of their work so much I really had to share these sites with you. All rings feature semi-precious stones, use reclaimed materials and are made and sold by vendors on Etsy.

...and, of course, all are lower cost

Photo credit: Christine Mighion jewelry

Down right beautiful organic, clean designs with big stones. I love, love, love this big amethyst ring, which retails in the $300-400 range.

Photo credit: Erin Jane Designs

I actually mentioned Erin Jane Designs earlier this week. I adore her rings. They have a very clean design, some are more geometric than others and the stones are often cut in a "rose" cut - which is an unusual and very pretty cut. This is a beautiful champagne quartz set in reclaimed sterling silver retailing for under $100.

Photo credit: ESDesigns

Elizabeth Scott Designs (Botanical Jewelry)
This is actually precious stone (a ruby), but I love the simple and clean design of this ring. The ruby looks like a flower at the top of a stem. Love it. This ring can be stacked as well, if you are so inclined. ESDesigns has many botanically or water inspired rings and made with recycled metals. This ring retails between $200-$300.

Photo credit: Michelle Lenae Jewelry

I looooove blue stones, so I am a particular fan of this ring which features a rose cut blue topaz set in 14k gold. Michelle Lenae Jewelry works with recycled gold and conflict free gemstones. Many of her current pieces use semi-precious stones in light greens, yellows and blues...lending the rings a kind of ethereal quality. I adore the aquamarine version of this ring (below). Both rings retail for between $300-$400.
Photo credit: Michelle Lenae Jewelry

So - what do we think? Yummy or what?

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