Friday, August 5, 2011

S&P downgrades US bond, but Adele is going stay calm

I am iterating a constant stream of four lettered words right now. M#$%^# F#$%^r.

Well, at least my vocabulary has grown.

On a related note, it would seem to me that this unequivocably one of the worst things to happen to global finance and especially the little guy in the last 70 years. Millions to billions of people will wake up Monday to mutilated retirement savings and 401ks. People might lose their homes and people will definitely lose their livelihoods. Why the hell do I care that Adele wants to take up country music? CNN, yeeesh...get with it.

I hadn't intended for this blog to focus on global finance. I really just wanted to chat budget and pretty things and how to deal with bad bosses and low cost everything.

I don't think anyone needs to me to remind them of what most people can plainly see. We are still in tough times. I think a lot of us knew that these times were a lot tougher than we were led to believe.

That said, I felt it would be remiss if I didn't post the downgrade here....if not just as a reminder of what happens when someone thinks you can't pay the interest on your debt.

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