Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Great sources for low cost and eco-friendly wedding rings

Finding a ring and keeping a clear conscience can be tough

H and I were determined to not spend more than $300 outfitting ourselves with various wedding and engagement rings. We also wanted to limit the ecological and human damage the purchase of our rings would promote. The easiest, low cost, ethical and eco-friendly solution to acquiring wedding rings is to use a family heirloom. My mother and brother gave H my grandfather's wedding band. It was a very touching gesture and H feels very honoured to have the ring.

Sometimes heirlooms aren't a real possibility. Other relatives might want or already have a grandparent's ring. The request for a family ring might spark a competition or fight. The ring itself might not be practical or the intended wearer may simply not like it.

The budget, ethical and eco-friendly alternatives are to either not have rings (perfectly viable) buy vintage, or buy artisan. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we landed my engagement ring on eBay. A couple might not be comfortable with auction or resale sites for a cheap wedding ring purchase. I thought I would share some of the sites we came across while searching for my engagement and wedding rings. Many are Etsy vendors. All offer some rings for between $50 and $300.

Very unique hand made rings. The artisans of this company try very hard to use reclaimed and conflict free materials......and the office has chickens. How awesome is that?

The makers of my wedding band. Materials are 100% recycled, and the designs are very organic. They do custom work as well - all for reasonable prices. My ring looks like it was batted by the sea..which is exactly what I wanted.

I adore the jewelry on this site. Rings are reclaimed sterling silver.

Some very beautiful organic styles, featuring reclaimed metals and unique semi-precious stones

My ring from Etsy vendor Sea Babe Jewelry is exactly what I wanted - an organic and delicate design, made from reclaimed white gold...and budget friendly


HammClov said...

good post. I checked out Seababe and Turtle Love. Very nice stuff. How did you choose, though?!

La Petite Coquette said...

A combination of cost and a desire for a delicate ring. The sea babe ring was much lighter than the others. Had I had a smaller engagement ring, or no engagement ring I might have gone for one of the chunkier water-inspired bands at Turtle Love.