Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Years Resolution: The Fabu-closet

Like most people I make New Years resolutions. I tend to keep them, but then, I tend to set goals that are attainable within 6 months. This year I set three goals:

a) Commit 40 hours or more a week to being a scientist
b) Eat in and Invest as part of a plan to be more financially responsible
c) organize my closets.

Resolution B will be the topic of a future Fabulife post. This post will be dedicated to this month's project, organizing the apartment closets.

Why? Well, an organized closet assists in buying new clothes and linens, keeping older clothes and linens in good shape and lifting self-esteem. If you don't believe that last point, I would suggest reading one of the multitude of books out there on defining personal style and finding something to wear in a closet full of unwearable clothes. Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo, Posh Spice have just published books on this matter. Tim Gunn and Veronica Webb host a show dedicated to this topic as well. They all recommend organizing closets as a first step in defining personal style, "destressing" the outfit assembly process and improving self-image.

Personally, I'm organizing the closets because I can't take the tumbling boxes, and falling towels anymore. I have about $250 to spend in this effort. While I love the style of Paris Hilton's last walk-in closet, I have 600 square foot apartment with three little reach in closets with sliding the dream will have to wait.

People with money can afford to hire a closet organization service. Companies like Closet Organizer USA, will custom build closet inserts for a customer based on customer needs, closet dimensions and closet type.

I am, however, a graduate student in New York City. I can't afford custom closet design by anyone but myself.

As I am a student, I am a renter. I, therefore, am not interested in buying storage systems that extensive wall installation.

For my whopping budget of $200, I was able to find the following closet organization items that will cure my falling towel and tumbling box issues.

This "Hold-All Handbag Hanger" in Blue Blossom, currently being carried by Target for $29.99. It is a little overpriced, in my view, but I love that it holds the bags vertically.

No New York City apartment would be complete without space saving hanging closet bags. This set of two are available at Target for $19.99. Given the pest infestations in the city (i.e. carpet beetles, moths) that can lead to unfortunate damage to both natural and synthetic fiber clothing, vinyl clothing bags are really important for storing items not often used, like formal wear.

Closits modular storage systems are low cost, do not require wall installation and have a sort of cute cottage, shabby-chic feel to them. The system has multiple components including backed shelves, sliding drawer units and show cubby holes. All components are available at Walmart and Target for roughly $50 or less. I've invested in the double shelf unit, large drawer storage, and shoe storage.

With the cash I had left over, I searched and found reasonably priced wooden hangers.

Alas, the wire monstrosities can be tossed and no more shall Joan Crawford like screams regarding hangers will emanate from under my apartment door.

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