Monday, January 7, 2008


I’m a nut for pretty stationary. The penpal of no less than 14 people when I was a teenager, I grew up hunting for quirky and attractive paper goods to scrawl my goings-on in my chicken scratch to friends overseas. Being a young teenager, before the internet was used in homes, I spent a lot of time searching for paper that expressed my personality but fit within my budget.

Today, I, like most people, have limited my extension of personal, pretty, paper letters to wedding invitations, thank you cards, holiday cards and letters to old-timers who have limited computer access. Although I’m sciencey and should be writing with black pens, and maintain sterile, serious looking calendars and notepads detailing great thoughts, I remain a sucker for pretty paper goods. In the spirit of looking for those perfect paper goods on my super low budget, I’ve found the following:

Fabulous Stationary

Quirky, pretty, personalized and, if you need a larger number of cards, a beautiful bargain. My personal favourites include:

The Calling/Business Card: $55 for 100, or roughly $0.55 a card. My information and affiliation changes frequently, but I have multiple non-sciencey meetings a year where I need a memorable card.

The Stripes Card: $125 for 100 cards, or $1.25 per card - printed. These are great if you have a need for a lot of hip save the date, thank you cards or even laid back wedding invitations. With the average cost of low end wedding invitations and thank you cards costing twice as much before printing, these cards are a groovy alternative.


Greeting Cards
This CafePress shop has some highly mod, monochromatic greeting cards under the title of “Go-go Girls”. The price, while not by any stretch prohibitive, designates these cards to my low rotation deck of stationary – that is, they are used when I want to impress people with my youthful hipness..or hiposity. You can check out everything else this great designer has to offer here.


This store has many more cool designs that are budget friendly, including hyper-mod postcards

Paper Studio

Decorative Paper/Paper to be framed/DIY Paper

I love the new look of wallpaper and I hate wallpaper. I rent, I have no money and I hate dust. Rather that hang wallpaper, I frame decorative paper or use it to spruce up utilitarian furniture (post on revitalized filing cabinet to come). Some of the prettiest papers at a low cost, for this purpose, are available at Paper Studio.

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