Monday, December 2, 2013

2013, gone so soon

My "home only" to do list the day before our little one was born
Lovely readers (I do count the hits on this site, and apparently there are more of you out there than I thought), I've been a bad poster of posts. I'm sorry for having been derelict in my duties. The period between my last 2012 post and today has been insanely busy.  To give you a little run down, since I last posted I have

- become unemployed
- landed a postdoctoral position outside of NYC
....and subsequently messed with just about every other life plan H and I have made in the last 5 years
- hired several immigration lawyers
- became pregnant
- made several weeks long trips to research centers to complete work for said postdoc
- moved to another country.

This is no small feat when you have possessions you intend to keep. A move like this requires a detailed manifest of every packed box with an estimate of how much the items inside the box cost. It took months to pack

- settled into a new home
- became the sole breadwinner on a much, much lower income.
- wrote many grants, and won three
- handed in one grant while in labor
- gave birth to a beautiful baby
- discovered the wonders of cloth diapering
- pumped out 4 publications
- started three major research projects
- started a work-related book proposal
- submitted quite a few permanent job applications

....and have started to pack up to move again. 

Huh, I guess that's it. It seems like more. 

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